High-speed 3D scanning
Developed for industrial use, ATOS 5 delivers high-precision 3D data in a short measuring time − even under harsh conditions. The enhanced measuring areas combined with high resolution result in faster processes thanks to few measurements.

Compact top performer for complex inspections
The lightweight and flexible 3D scanner ATOS Q is optimal for small to medium-sized parts. The system combines high-tech electronics and optics with robust design and a powerful software, enabling high-precision measuring results.
GOM Scan 1

The next small thing
The small and mobile 3D scanner GOM Scan 1 is here to open up new possibilities. Filled with advanced technologies, it helps you achieve detailed and accurate 3D meshes for any project you want.
ATOS Compact Scan

Flexible 3D scanner for a wide range of applications
Thanks to a scalable measuring area, integrated scanning and tracking functionality, the optical 3D scanner adapts ideally to the challenges of the respective measuring task. Scanning, probing and tracking with one single system.

Optical 3D coordinate measuring machine
Coordinates of three-dimensional objects can be measured easily and precisely with the portable TRITOP system. Tasks that traditionally were performed on tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines, can be carried out with the TRITOP system without complex, heavy, or high-maintenance hardware.
3D CT(Computed Tomography)

Nondestructive 3D volume inspection

Fast automated measurements with highest precision: ScanBox is an all-in-one solution for an efficient quality control in production and manufacturing processes. Available in 11 different variants for different applications and part sizes - from locking hooks to complete car bodies - the standardized measuring machines offer an all-in-one solution: Programming, automated digitizing, inspection and reporting. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and the virtual measuring room (VMR) as the central control and measurement planning software, the models are easy to use. The optical 3D measuring machine provides fully automated full-field deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data in a short amount of time. Additionally, the powerful all-in-one software GOM Inspect Pro derives GD&T information, trimming or hole positions.